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Kammok Sunda Kickstarter*. 2P+ tent & hammock set-up in 1.*Funded within 8hrs!

Is it a Tent? A Hammock? An Animal? Yes, Yes, and Yes. You asked us for a world class tent. And we asked ourselves, what if?

With the help of our MOB community, we've spent the last few years discovering the most important qualities in a tent: versatility, durability and livability. When designing the Sunda, we made sure that it could adapt to your needs in any environment, outlast any adventure–big or small, and feel like home wherever you decide to set up camp.

Then, as the lovers of hammocks that we are, we wondered, “why not use what we know about hammocks and take this tent off the ground?" Add a little inspiration from the animal kingdom (a flying lemur named the Sunda!), and we were off to the races…

The Sunda is now ready for your lifetime of adventure. View the Kickstarter campaign here.